UDINE-C network Meeting
April 2-3, 2020 | Sechenov University | Moscow - Russia
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Dear collagues,

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and for the implementation of measures to ensure the security of citizens of other countries we hereby inform you that the CELEBRATING NIGHTINGALE LEGACY IN NURSING EDUCATION: INNOVATIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES AND INTEGRATION INTO PRACTICAL HEALTH CARE UDINE-C NETWORK MEETING has been shifted to September 2020. The dates will be announced in June 2020.

Best regards, Organizing Commiittee

Dear colleagues,

NurseNursing Science has evolved significantly in the last years, due in part to increasing networking between universities. Researchers and clinical nurses have realized that this way to communicate helps to adapt Nursing to the current needs of society, not only by building up connections but also by accelerating the dissemination and sharing of data and intelligence.

The UDINE-C network was created in Udine (Italy) in November 2007, almost 12 years ago.  The founding members were Professor Tony Butterworth (England), Dr. Majda Pajnkihar (Slovenia), Dr. Christine Jackson (England), Prof Sara Owen (England) and Dra. Alvisa Palese (Italy). At that time, important changes in the Nursing field were taking place with the development of the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process) allowing nurses in every European country to gain access to third cycle level (doctoral) studies and increase international mobility.

These events were relevant for clinical nurses, academic nurses and students, but also, it was a great opportunity to create an informal group of professionals with desire to work together in the development and growth of our profession.

Since then, many nurses around the world have joined our informal group. Currently, it has 47 members from 15 countries (Serbia, Russia, Croatia, Poland, England, Czech Republic, Barcelona, Italy, Austria, Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, United States of America and Finland), involving 20 Universities around the world.

It is a pleasure to meet the members in our annual meeting, and to have the opportunity to share experiences, ideas, projects and publications. The essence of UDINE-C group is to enjoy partnership within Nursing and promote intellectual exchange between our colleagues.

We hope to continue working together within this group for many years to come and wish to see Nursing Science growing further through our professionals collaborations. 

In 2020, the UDINE-С meeting will be held at Sechenov University. We invite all interested and wait in Moscow on April 2-3, 2020. 

Esther Cabrera
Natalia Kasimovskaya
Sechenov Universitу